International retail company

A renowned International Retail Company with dozens of monthly electricity and natural gas invoices to be authorised for payment, commissioned us to implement a control system in order to certify their accuracy but primarily to have a management that could allow the spotting of possible billing errors, by recovering the extra costs unfairly charged by suppliers.

The Client also asked to make use of our Adybo For You platform to archive, manage, and make accessible to multiple business roles the plurality of the processed energy data.

The Solution

The Challange

To permit to the client to have an immediate energy management control, on a regular basis, of all the energy invoices issued by its suppliers, in order for the payment to be authorised or not to the supplier account department; to permit to the Client to take advantage of the innovative Adybo For You "Smart Energy Suite" which provides a dynamic, advanced and interactive service for the management of costs and consumption data, as well as the management of the average costs, analysis, and control of energy bills.

The Project

The project has been divided into different phases aiming at meeting the client’s needs and his administrative and financial processes.
The main phases are the following:

  • Defining, together with the client, the invoice auditing strategy and the subsequent reporting, both in paper format and on Adybo For You.
  • Gathering of both the energy invoices and the contracts signed with the suppliers.
  • Detailed analysis of the energy invoices and upload of the data to our Adybo For You.
  • Checking of all the cost components included in the invoices issued by suppliers and of the registries of PODs and PdRs.
  • Delivery of the energy invoice auditing reports, including: the contractual and consumption data of each single supply point; the comparison between the amount invoiced by the supplier and the amount calculated by Adybo; the relative difference in cost; the subsequent validation of the payments, or not.
  • Direct interaction with the suppliers to request the immediate reimbursement of extra costs, in case of billing irregularities.
  • Making the platform Adybo For You available, so that the Client is able to have an integrated view, both in tabular and graphical form, of energy costs and consumption; energy KPIs; information regarding energy bills; all supply points management; many other applications which provide complete visibility on energy data in order to help the customer to identify the most effective and efficient actions for an appropriate energy optimisation.


Management base
Energy invoice auditing and
Energy Data Management


-45k €

The above mentioned services not only allowed to obtain refunds for approximately €45,000 of illegitimately invoiced extra costs (invoiced prices not correspondent to the contractual ones; charge of extra estimated consumption, compared to the effective consumption; application of wrong excise duties; charges for recently sold PODs, by the previous supplier; application of additional cost components not included in the contract etc.) but they also allowed the administrative and management control departments to invest the time previously dedicated to these audits to “core” activities.