Food Sector Company

A company operating in the food sector entrusted us with the task of assisting it in a litigation with the local distributor and the supplier with whom, three years earlier, an electricity supply contract was signed.

The Solution

The Challange

Dismantle the thesis of the distributor, according to which the consumption to be balanced by the supplier had been determined in a more favourable measure for the client.


The project was first based on the analysis of all the charge curves, on a quarterly basis, of active energy consumption, before and after the balancing period. Our analysis then concerned production data, production KPI of reference and the elaboration of a detailed analytical report, in support of the business lawyer in the litigation with the complaining Party.

Ultimately, we gave assistance as Party-appointed Technical Consultant (PTC), in order to define an extrajudicial agreement both with the Technical consultant (CTU) and with the counterparty’s PTC.


Project basis



The activity provided to the client allowed a saving of 40% on what was initially asked. In fact, against the € 250,000 out of court, a reduction of € 100,000 was obtained in the amount due.