Audit Energy Invoices

Strict control of all the energy bills along with the elaboration of a detailed report which certifies the exact application of the contractual conditions and regulations and eliminates the risk of overcharges due to billing errors.

In the event of billing errors, Adybo will directly contact the supplier to recover overcharges.

Energy Procurement

The negotiation process of gas and power supply contracts involves well-defined steps and adapts to our customers’ individual needs.

The main phases of our service are:

  • Defining with the customer the purchasing strategy which best suits his needs and his risk appetite.
  • Drawing up invitation to tender in line with the strategy defined with the customer and in compliance with the legislation in force.
  • Scouting of suppliers and evaluation of the negotiated offers.
  • Submission of a detailed evaluation report to the customer, where we compare the offers and deliver our recommendations.
  • Commercial, administrative and legal assistance when signing up a contract with particular attention to the clauses contained in it.

Energy Portfolio Management & Risk Management

The Energy Portfolio Management is a particular power or gas supply contract which is based on the management of an indexed price (e.g. PUN - TTF - PSV) through hedging operations.

During the negotiations of this specific type of contract, different aspects are evaluated, such as:

  • underlying commodities.
  • hedging exercise formula.
  • platforms which suppliers use for their hedging practices to verify the hedge fund liquidity during price hedging.
  • percentages of future consumption to hedge.



The hedging strategies are defined and agreed upon with the client, considering his risk appetite and the economic effects of the decisions taken (Risk Management).


Budgeting is a service in support of the customer's management and controlling office.
At any time, we can offer a projection of power and gas purchase costs, making a distinction between those of commodities and the other costs in the invoice (Dispatching, Transport, System charges and Taxes).

Strategic benchmarking of the client's energy and natural gas contracts with respect to the market

Strategic Benchmarking is a measurement process which compares the company’s performances to those of the best competitors or leading companies.

This service is an important tool for the increase of the company's competitiveness. It is based on the identification of its performance standards (benchmark) and on the subsequent quantitative and qualitative measurement of its "gaps", with respect to companies deemed excellent in particular processes or in the adoption of more efficient organisational methods (practice).

Our Benchmarking service is used by our clients to observe their competitors and highlight their strengths and weaknesses, in relation to strategic and commercial aspects, in electricity and natural gas purchase.

Customised Energy Strategy Plans

It involves an in-depth analysis of electricity and natural gas purchasing process management strategies, considering the actual scenarios, the market dynamics and the various purchase contracts on the market.

Customised Energy Balances

The energy balance gathers strategic information in the field of electricity and natural gas. Based on the client’s preferences, the resulting customised energy balance shows the energy requirements trend, the general and average supply costs trend, the consumed TOE trend, and the possible reference KPI trend.

Strategic Information and Market Regulations

Strategic choices must be based on an up-to-date knowledge of the demand dynamics, competitive context, expected developments of the markets, and of the study of the sectoral legislation. Thanks to our knowledge, we are able to fully understand the energy market complexities, supporting our clients through macroeconomic forecast, supply and demand drivers analysis, market trends evaluation and monitoring, and through sectoral legislation constant updates, thus defining scenarios in support of short, medium, and long-term strategic choices.

Monitoring of Costs and Consumption

Data coming from monitoring activities allow to undertake corrective actions. The same is true for consumption and energy costs. The importance of monitoring, understanding, managing, and reducing energy costs and consumption has become crucial for large, medium, or small companies of any sector.

Nevertheless, to monitor is not just to record and gather numerical values of consumption and costs. Our monitoring service aims to provide our clients with strategic solutions based on the study and constant control of the energy data, so to transform them into usable and shared information.

Through our constant reports, drafted on the basis of the data monitoring, our clients are able to know with certainty their habits regarding energy costs and consumption, and to identify policy areas where intervention is possible, with the objective to obtain potential savings and to optimise the energy management system performance in order to considerably reduce waste, consumption and expenses.

Interruptible load management

TERNA, the company responsible for the transmission and delivery of electricity flows on the high and ultra-high voltage grid in the whole Italian national territory, has set up the necessary defence measures to ensure the security and stability to the electric system, by making available power allowances allocations for users allowing the break of the power supply.

Terna allows eligible entities to receive a significant remuneration, proportionate to the interruptible band of power supply that is allocated contractually.

Thanks to our expertise in the management of all the technical and regulatory aspects in interruptibility, we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive support, structured in every phase of both the implementation and management of the service.