Cold Chain Company

The Client is an important company in the cold chain sector, and it is an obliged entity required to provide energy audit. This must be based on operational data related to up-to-date energy consumption, measured and traceable pursuant to the Legislative Decree 2002/2014 “Minimum criteria for energy audits”.

He entrusted us with the task of analysing and developing a plan for monitoring energy needs that meets the ENEA requirements with the aim of switching from the mere estimation to the proper measure of their energy consumption, in order to make their own production lines general performance KPIs reliable.

The Solution

The Challange

To allow the Client to have a systematic and immediate energy management control of all the energy invoices issued by his suppliers, in order to authorise or not their payment to the supplier accounting department, as well as to take advantage of the innovative Adybo For You "Smart Energy Suite" which provides a dynamic, advanced and interactive service for the management of data regarding costs, consumption, average costs, analysis and control of their energy invoices.

The Project

The project has been developed in six different phases aimed to the implementation of the energy monitoring system:

  • Meeting with the Client to analyse his real needs and define together a joint and strategic action plan.
  • On-site inspection to analyse the production context, the layout of the plant, the site installations, the electrical circuits, the positioning of the relative panels, the cable sections, the area suitable for positioning the meters, the identification of sectionable sections.
  • Analysis of the energy requirements, information and collected data during the on-site inspection to identify the best solution both in terms of costs and performance.
  • Preparation of the tender for the choice of the best technology to install.
  • Presence of our qualified personnel during the installation of the meters and platform configuration.
  • Analytical reports for the monitoring of the main energy parameters in order to validate the feasibility studies on possible efficiency interventions as well as to have a punctual recording of the energy performance indexes.


Management base
Consumption Monitoring and Customised Efficiency Plan


-18% €
+20% ROI

The Client is obtaining a saving of around 18% on the electricity supply invoices, thanks to his engagement and awareness in rational use of energy resources, resulting in the identification and elimination of waste.

Moreover, thanks to the properly designed energy monitoring system, a correct planning of energy efficiency interventions is taking place together with the Client, thus allowing to increase the ROI of the intervention itself of around 20% on average.